Ireny (bubonicwoodchuk) wrote in mannschaft_subs,

Translators and Betas!

Hey, translators and betas! How's everything going?

I don't mean to be a bother, but if you haven't sent in your translated and beta-read portion to bubonicwoodchuck(at)gmail(dot)com yet, please do so by the end of the month! We're not, strictly speaking, on an extremely tight schedule, but we would like to get this out as soon as possible, especially since a lot of the subbers are starting classes this week and may not have as much time to get their part done during September.

Again, if you're running into trouble regarding scheduling and can't finish, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks a bunch!
Tags: betaing, status report, translation
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Hey. I emailed you - please let me know whether you received it. Thanks!
Got the email, and I'll respond as soon as I get back from work (all my files are on my home computer). :)
parachuutes send you our translation of part 7 last over a week ago :)

I'm just wondering if you got it since it's not on the list in the community :)
I'm looking through my mailbox and it doesn't look like I have it. D: I'm really sorry about this, but could you send it again? I'll email you back as soon as I've got it.
oh okay :O Let me see if I can hunt it down from the depths of my hard-drive XD; If not I'll just ask her to send it to you again :)

is the right email adress?
Ah, that would be why I haven't gotten it--that's xlcatloveress's email. Mine's bubonicwoodchuck(at)gmail(dot)com, so if you could send it my way, too, that would be super helpful. :) Thanks again!
oh okay ^^ I'll send it to you then

I'm the beta for part 11, but I haven't gotten anything from either of the translators yet. I remember reading in another post that xlcatloveress hasn't had internet for a while though, so that's probably the reason for the hold up.
How's everything going? :)
It looks like xlcatloveress's internet is still down, because I haven't heard from her in a while, which is a little worrying. I think I'm going to go ahead and put up subbing assignments later this weekend, because we might as well get started on that while we're waiting for the last few parts to come in. I was going to do it earlier this week, to be honest, but classes sort of prevented that from happening.

Thanks for checking in, though! :) It's good to know people are still interested in the project.
if you guys still need help with translating I'd be willing to do one more part :)
That would be absolutely fantastic, thank you! I've thrown a new post up on the comm--go ahead and pick the part you want. ^^;