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received translations (also: subs!)

Well, it's August 20 in my timezone and I've got several translated parts already, so kudos to those of you who finished ahead of schedule! :)

I'll be keeping a running list of what parts have been sent in and what parts haven't, just to keep track. Again, betas, once you're finished with proofreading the translated portions, please email me the finished product at bubonicwoodchuck(at)gmail(dot)com.

Received Parts

Part 3 (quotidian_quire)
Part 4 (zetaaa, zarah5)
Part 5 (alanna_zero, frrenchkiss, gdgdbaby)
Part 6 (amnisias, spaceshipmonkey, shiorikazen)
Part 7 (peki, day_moon, parachuutes)
Part 8 (overratedashell, pinku_keks, jowlia)
Part 9 (yessi_5, wepretend, 65kid)
Part 10 (kereia, l_lyla_l, lj5234)

One last thing for the translators! inderpal still doesn't have someone to fill in for her, so if you have any time at all this week and wouldn't mind stepping up to the plate, please let us know! This is kind of important, and I'd like to find someone by the end of the weekend so we don't fall too far behind.


So that's about it for the translators. Subbers! Are you guys ready to start? :D Good, because so am I!

Unfortunately, there are a few (sort of boring but nevertheless extremely important) issues which have to be hashed out before we start, so please click the cut for some fiddly things regarding timing!

First things first: I have the following people listed as either subbers or people who wouldn't mind learning how to sub (which is great, because needless to say this is a decent-sized movie). Please let me know if I'm wrong or if I missed anybody:

Irene (bubonicwoodchuk)
Sammy (lswing)
Olivia (olivia_y)
Mer (acchikocchi)
Larry (hey_larry)
Julia (jowlia) - willing to learn
Sarah (iwiwt158) - willing to learn
Shiori (shiorikazen) - willing to learn

So! Here's the deal with the subs. As of right now, we've already got the official German subtitles (link here), which most of the translators are using, which for the sake of simplicity we will call Subs 1. However, there is also a second set of subtitles, which are in Chinese, which we will call Subs 2.

This is where it gets a little complicated.

There are also two different versions of the full movie: a .avi file and a .mp4 file. Neither Subs 1 nor Subs 2 fit with the .avi file; both are approximately 12 seconds ahead of the movie. The timing for Subs 1 is off with the .mp4 file, too. However, Subs 2 fits perfectly with the .mp4 file.

I'm sure you can see the problem here: Subs 2 is perfectly timed and all we would have to do is replace the text already present with the English translation, BUT the text in question is all in Chinese, which would make it difficult to tell what subs to replace it with. This problem could be remedied if people kept the movie open while they subbed, but again, not all the subbers speak German, and we want to match up the text to the words as closely as possible.

A lot of the translators, as far as I can tell, have been really helpful by replacing the text in Subs 1 with the English translation (and it would be relatively easy to figure out the correct timing for that text using Subs 2), but not all of the translators are going to do this. This leaves us with a few options:

1) Use Subs 1, but go through the entire file and add 12 seconds to every single timestamp (very time-consuming, but easy). File used: .avi
2) Use Subs 2 and have the movie open in another window to figure out what text goes where (possibly less time-consuming, somewhat difficult). File used: .mp4
3) Do subs from scratch (could be slow/fast or easy/hard, depending on your experience level). File used: .avi?
4) Something you guys can come up with (it's a little late here and I'm sleep-deprived, I'm sure you guys have a lot more ideas than I do at the moment!)

In any case, I think we'll start with softsubbing and then, if we have time, convert to hardsub. And sorry about the rambliness of the above explanation--if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me! D:
Tags: subbing, translation
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